Julie Estrada • Front Office

As the team member responsible for the front office, Julie is the face of Dr. Potts' surgical practice. With patients she does it all – from initial interviews and paperwork to appointments to insurance issues to medical records. She also interfaces with the many physicians’ offices who refer patients to Dr. Potts for surgery. Julie was educated locally and has worked in the healthcare for the past 10 years in the front offices of medical practices and as a medical assistant. She is a Certified Medical Assistant and Medical Manager.


Melanie Ann Mullis • Medical Assistant

As Dr. Potts' medical assistant, Melanie is responsible for providing nursing care to all patients who present with urgent, emergent, or potential health problems. She interviews patients and obtains their medical histories and also is the person who is responsible for scheduling surgeries and further diagnostic evaluations. Dr. Potts performs a number of procedures in the office and Melanie is there to ably assist him at every stage. Dr. Potts’ patients are in good hands. Melanie has worked as a medical assistant for over 20 years; much of that with surgical practices. Melanie is currently working towards obtaining her bachelor’s degree in nursing. She is a Certified Medical Assistant with an Associate of Science degree.


Suzie Potts • Office Manager

Suzie and Kyle Potts have been married for almost 30 years and have four children together. Suzie has a master’s degree in audiology from San Diego State University and has been a clinical audiologist since 1983. Before moving to Visalia, she was a Professor of Audiology in San Diego. As the office manager for the surgical practice her main job is to keep Dr. Potts in line. Just kidding! She handles the management of the practice.